A Team Effort


SGM Fabrication & Construction Pty Limited is a fully Australian owned, private company specialising in medium to heavy steel fabrication. We manufacture from carbon steels, stainless steel and aluminium for mining, power and infrastructure. Our skilled team provide 24 hour, 7 day service for breakdown repairs and maintenance


  • Steel fabrication
  • Construction
  • Structural erection and installation
  • Building Works
  • Maintenance of plant and equipment
  • Conveyor construction and maintenance
  • Tank and pipe work
  • Mining equipment repair and maintenance
  • Sourcing spare parts


SGM Fabrication and Construction Pty Ltd is now a proud member of the following Associations

  • ASSDA (Australian Stainless Steel Development Association) - Corporate Member 3.
  • ASSDA (Australian Stainless Steel Development Association) - Stainless Steel Specialist Fabricator accredited.


Scott McHugh

Managing Director
Phone: 0409 572 535
Email: scott@sgmfab.com.au

Chris Jeffree

Project Manager
Phone: 0428 133 729
Email: chris@sgmfab.com.au

Terry Hogarth

Site Manager
Phone: 0408 583 725
Email: terry@sgmfab.com.au

Leah McHugh

Administration Manager
Phone: 02 4964 9800
Email: admin@sgmfab.com.au

Lauren Adair

Phone: 02 4964 9800
Email: reception@sgmfab.com.au

Richard Raper

Business Development Manager
Phone: 0400 816 290
Email: richard@sgmfab.com.au

Craig Morris

Workshop Supervisor
Phone: 02 4964 9800
Email: workshop@sgmfab.com.au


SGM Fabrication and Construction Pty Ltd - the future is looking very bright and we are aiming at continuous growth with our well trained apprentices and tradesman of proficiency.

Although SGM is a young company amongst some of the older, well established fabrication shops in the Newcastle, Hunter Region, SGM has continually grown year after year. The SGM brand is now well know in the Newcastle, Hunter region and competing against and working with some of the biggest fabrication shops in the business.

With our new cranes now able to lift 30 tonnes in bay one and 10 tonnes in bay two SGM is now able to tackle some of the biggest jobs in the Newcastle, Hunter Valley.

SGM Fabrication and Construction Pty Ltd has in the past been voted Number 1 in the category Manufacturing, Engineering for the Fastest 100 Growing Hunter Companies.